Comprehensive Facilities Solutions


High bills, Water and Electric Cut off

Our team specializes in addressing high utility bills and managing instances of water and electricity cut-offs. We work swiftly to resolve these issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations or daily life.


Disputes/ Payment arrangements on Rates with COJ and Ekurhuleni

We provide expert assistance in negotiating payment arrangements and resolving disputes related to rates with the City of Johannesburg (COJ) and Ekurhuleni municipalities. Our team advocates on your behalf to achieve fair and favorable outcomes.


Valuation Queries/ Section 78

If you have questions or concerns regarding property valuation or Section 78 processes, our team offers comprehensive support. We navigate the complexities of valuation queries and Section 78 applications, ensuring clarity and transparency throughout the process.


Objection against the entry in the Valuation Roll both COJ and Ekurhuleni municipality

Should you wish to challenge an entry in the valuation roll with the City of Johannesburg (COJ) or Ekurhuleni municipality, our experienced team provides expert representation and support throughout the objection process.


Appeal board sittings

Our team represents clients in appeal board sittings, advocating for fair and favorable outcomes in matters related to municipal affairs. We ensure that your interests are protected and your voice is heard during these proceedings.


Rezoning/ Consent use application

If you’re considering rezoning or applying for consent use, our experts guide you through the process from start to finish. We navigate regulatory requirements and facilitate the application process to help you achieve your objectives efficiently


Prepaid Electricity meter applications both Sectional Title complexes and Residential Stand alone

We assist with the application process for prepaid electricity meters, catering to both sectional title complexes and standalone residential properties. Our team ensures smooth and efficient processing, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of prepaid electricity.


Building plans applications

Whether you’re planning new construction or alterations, our team facilitates the building plans application process. We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and guide you through the necessary steps to obtain approval for your project


Application for pensioners rebate

Our team assists eligible individuals in applying for pensioners’ rebates, helping them maximize their financial benefits. We navigate the application process and ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted for timely processing.


Application for Residential rebate for properties built on a business zone stand

For properties built on business zone stands, we facilitate the application process for residential rebates. Our team ensures that you receive the rebates you’re entitled to, providing expert guidance and support throughout the application process.


City Fines and License Renewals

We manage city fines and license renewals on behalf of our clients, ensuring compliance with municipal regulations. Our team handles the necessary paperwork and processes to ensure smooth and timely renewal of licenses and resolution of fines.


Road Closures and Roads opening

Whether you require road closures for events or need assistance with road openings, our team provides expert support. We navigate the necessary permits and processes to facilitate road closures and ensure minimal disruption to traffic flow.

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